About Wambui

Wambui Bahati Pouch Crazy

Welcome to Pouch Crazy!

My name is Wambui Bahati. I am American - born in North Carolina in the USA.

I like the idea of creating something out of nothing. I love the idea of taking certain materials and forming them into new shapes and into new objects for new uses - or, no practical use at all - just something pretty to look at. 

I have provided crafting tutorials for a variety of crafts on my Youtube channel, Wambui Made It.

I recently went 'pouch crazy'! I could not stop making various lined, zipper closure pouches. Some were made of black linen and have messages on them. Others were made of satin fabric that I decorated with a heat sublimation process from an original or licensed photo. Still others are made using my embroidery machine.  I finished off most of the pouches with organza ribbon in the zipper pull to add a little flair. I look for high quality materials and am I dedicated to proving superior workmanship.

I currently live in New York City.